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Growing up in Buffalo, Haylee Bolinger developed a deep connection to her hometown and its natural surroundings. She has channeled this love for her community and nature into her sculptural work. She earned a bachelor of fine arts in studio art from the University of Wyoming in 2008. Following her graduation, Bolinger worked and lived locally for several years. One of her notable achievements in these early years was the commission from First Interstate Bank, where she designed a large-scale sculpture that captured the essence of the Wyoming prairie. Specifically, Bolinger drew inspiration from yuccas, quail, and the ever-present wind. Bolinger combined these elements to create an abstract and whimsical representation of the Wyoming spirit. Bolinger’s sculptures have stood for many years and have garnished a variety of reviews, however her favorite is that of a 10-year-old excited to visit them monthly in order to catch new Pokemon on the popular app Pokemon Go.

Artist: Haylee Bolinger

Location: 40 E. Hart St Buffalo WY, 82834