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Basque Club mural

Celebration of Basque Heritage

This mural facing Western Avenue celebrates the Big Horn Basque Club and the region’s illustrious Basque heritage.

The mural was created by Dollie Iberlin and painted by Trudy Schoonover prior to Buffalo hosting the National Association of Basque Organizations in 1988.

Iberlin said the inspiration for the mural came from Basque dances, and the forms on the mural are parts of the dances. The years listed on the mural denote each time the Big Horn Basque Club has hosted the NABO convention in Buffalo. The lauburu, or Basque cross, also appears as part of the mural.

“I proposed the figures as a starting point,” Iberlin said, “and Trudy had to adjust what she had to do to get it on the building. She did a terrific job. She repainted it once completely and updates it each time.”

Artist: Dollie Iberlin and Trudy Schoonover

Location: 80 W. Angus St Buffalo WY, 82834