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Attraction in Buffalo & Kaycee WY

The Clear Creek Trail System includes more than 20 miles of mostly interconnected trails, and it traverses an area rich with history and surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the Bighorn Mountains.

Centennial Trail connects motels and restaurants on U.S. Highway 16/Hart Street to Artisan Row and historic downtown Buffalo. Washington Park Trail winds through City Park with its horseshoe pits, picnic shelters and Wyoming’s largest municipal swimming pool.

On the Greenbelt, Wetland Trail follows Clear Creek for just over a mile west of downtown. Many species of birds and wildlife are evident, and exercise stations along the way await fitness enthusiasts. Shiloh Trail connects residents from the west side of town to the Greenbelt, Wetland Trail and routes to either downtown Buffalo or the Veterans Home Trail. The Veterans Home Pasture Trail takes walkers to the historic Fort McKinney location. Due to grazing cattle, dogs are not permitted on this portion of the trail.

William J. Mentock Trail is a natural surface trail popular with serious hikers and mountain bikers. This trail also passes by the Old Power Plant, with its castle-like design, and accesses the Mosier Gulch Picnic Area 3.5 miles from the trailhead. The Grouse Mountain Trailhead is accessible via hiking from the Mosier Gulch Picnic Area or Joe’s Trail, another natural surface trail. Joe’s Trail hugs Clear Creek with great fishing spots along the way. The Grouse Mountain Trail offers stunning views of the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area and has challenging switchback sections that are an enticement to hearty hikers and advanced mountain bikers. The Brush Creek Trail also offers access to Clear Creek.

Trails not directly linked to other trails in the system include: Klondike Trail, which offers ranch scenery and a trail surface friendly to strollers and wheelchairs. Eva Knepper, a neighborhood trail abutting the history rich WIllow Grove Cemetery. Mountain Plains Heritage Park Trail, which crosses the famous Bozeman Trail and offers interpretive signs about life on the western plains, railroad history, and bird species common in the area. For more information on the trail:

Lat / Lon N: 44.34097°, W: 106.71255°

Buffalo WY, 82834