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Hoofprints of the Past Museum

Hoofprints of the Past Museum was founded in 1989 by a group of Kaycee volunteers in order to preserve the unique local cultural heritage of Kaycee and the surrounding countryside. That heritage includes Native Americans, the Bozeman Trail, trappers, traders, pioneers, Fort Reno, German Missionaries settlement, the Portuguese Houses site, conflicts such as the Dull Knife Battle, the cattle boom, cattle barons, Frewen Castle, the Johnson County War, the Outlaw Era, the Hole in the Wall Gang, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid, Kid Curry, and other local outlaws.

In addition to extensive exhibits on local history, Hoofprints of the Past also hosts events and tours. Each summer, guided tours take visitors to the Hole in the Wall, the Bozeman Trail, and the sites related to the Johnson County War. The museum also hosts the Powder River Western Art Show in June during the Chris LeDoux Rodeo Day.  

Group tours of the museum provide a fascinating overview of Kaycee-area western history, from the Native Americans through the Outlaw Period while showcasing some of the museum’s most priceless artifacts. Tour must be scheduled two weeks in advance. Please contact Laurel for more information at 307-738-2381 or

344 Nolan Avenue

Kaycee WY, 82639