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Dining room at The Occidental

In the rip-roaring days of early Wyoming, the saloon at the Occidental Hotel was famous far and wide. In the barroom, the lawful and the lawless played faro and poker, flirted with pretty ladies, drank copious quantities of powerful spirits, and occasionally shot up the place. High-stakes poker games sometimes continued for days.

In 1908, the original rough barroom was replaced with one of the most elegant saloons in Wyoming. An imposing back bar with stained glass accents was installed, along with an intricately embossed tin ceiling, and impressive period decorations everywhere. All of this has been preserved and restored, for you to admire today as you enjoy a soda pop or something stronger.

When you mosey up to the 25-foot bar, you will be standing in the exact spot where cowboys, sheriffs, desperados and cattle barons gathered. You may almost hear them arguing and making deals. In your imagination, you might even hear shots ring out – and if you look around you and up at the ceiling, you can still count numerous original bullet holes.

The saloon serves up delicious American bar fare daily beginning at 2 p.m.

10 N. Main Street

Buffalo WY, 82834