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Blue Gables Motel and Coffee Shop

The Blue Gables Motel, formerly known as Blue Gables Court, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2011 as part of a Multiple Property Submission devoted to historic motor courts and motels in Wyoming. Most of the motel’s guest accommodations are provided by 17 small log cabins. The motel also includes an area for tent camping and a two-bedroom house available for rental. It began operation in 1939. Carl Kube established the Blue Gables Court and later sold it to Harold Platt in 1947. By the time new owners purchased the Blue Gables Motel in 1971, Platt had added two multi-unit buildings, four cabins, a swimming pool, and an office to the original five cabins. Its location along U.S. Highway 16 and use of free-standing log cabins with a western design to make it attractive to tourists allowed Blue Gables Motel to become a popular roadside accommodation during the height of the post-World War II travel boom.

662 N. Main Street

Buffalo WY, 82834