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Scenic Landscape of Johnson County Wyoming

Hoofprints of the Past Museum

344 Nolan Avenue
Kaycee, WY 82639
(307) 738-2381

Hoofprints of the Past Museum

Hoofprints of the Past Museum features local western history in a historic building in downtown Kaycee.  Along with the original Kaycee school and jail, the 1897 museum building houses artifacts and displays on…

The museum has a small gift shop and offers various local historical tours.

Hoofprints of the past Museum display case
Museum tours

The museum’s annual Hole in the Wall tour allows attendees to experience the most historic sites of the Hole in the Wall and the outlaw era. Tour guides include Bill Betenson, author of Butch Cassidy: The Wyoming Years, and 4th generation local historian Brock Hanson. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit an area that few people have while hearing amazing stories of the area’s outlaw past.

This tour covers the range war in depth while traveling by bus the route of the infamous Invaders of 1892. Tour guides are John W. Davis and Brock Hanson. John W. Davis, author of Wyoming Range War, has done extensive research for his book, adding an important new perspective as a lawyer. Brock Hanson is a local historian whose family was involved in the events of the war, knew the participants, and gathered documentation from the period.

The Sussex area East of Kaycee was the stage where early explorers, travelers, trappers, the US military, and even missionaries played their part in Western expansion. The fascinating and little known history of these people and events will be shared by knowledgeable local historians as you travel by bus Eastward from Kaycee through the Powder River Country. Tour guides are Robert C. Wilson and Laurel Foster. Robert C. Wilson has served for decades on exhibits, historic trails, and interpretative projects with Wyoming State Parks. He is an acknowledged expert on the Bozeman Trail, Fort Reno, and period military life. Laurel Foster is the Curator of Hoofprints of the Past Museum and has been conducting tours for the museum for over a decade.

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