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Hit the Trails in Town

Mar 1, 2022 | Hiking & Biking

One of our most popular trails, the Clear Creek Trail system, winds it’s way through Buffalo all the way up to Mosier Gulch through beautiful creek bottom and amazing views.

This trail has plenty of benches to rest, take a deep breath and enjoy the views and you can walk for miles without leaving earshot of the babbling creek.


Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll, check out wildlife or get a bit of a sweat on while staying nearby, this is the trail to do so. 

Clear Creek Trail System, a very popular, year round route, offers 7 miles of multi-use, maintained trails winding it’s way along Clear Creek. Starting on the east side of Buffalo, you can join the trail system all the way through town, including Main Street, Burritt and Klondike Road.

This trail winds all the way up towards Mosier Gulch, where it meets up with the Mentok trail which takes you into Mosier Gulch and up to Grouse Mountain.


This trail is especially great for an easy walk. Mostly flat, there are benches along the way to sit down and take in the beautiful views. And you’ll likely run into deer and turkeys along the way.



Excellent for beginner to intermediate biking, all year round. Maintained and easy to access, you can wind your way along Clear Creek, take in gorgeous views and wildlife sightings, all while staying close to town. Meets up with the Mentock trail (considered the “signature trail”).

Follow this all the way up Mosier Gulch, or up to the face of Grouse Mountain and over via switchbacks for an intermediate to advanced ride. Learn more on our blog – Fat Tire Fantasy in the Bighorns

Get a Clear Creek Trail System map here.

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