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Tour The Art Galleries and Crafters in Buffalo Wyoming

Art Crafters & Galleries

Buffalo is home to an eclectic group of artisans that run the gamut of artistic mediums. Blending practice and passion across a diverse landscape, Johnson County is home to a vibrant and dedicated community which celebrates, interprets, and practices art. Below are our two art galleries that feature some amazing local artists.

On Main Street Buffalo, hosts more than 40 local artists and fine crafters. It operates as a co-op and provides a Main Street show-place for their jewelry, art, clothing & more. Each piece has been created by a local Wyoming Artisan, representing the Wyoming way of life. . .original and full of color!

Showcasing Wyoming Landscapes and Western Realist Paintings. Located at 5 N. Lobban Ave, one block east of Main Street Buffalo, showcases the work of Aaron and Jenny Wuerker. Open by appointment: (307) 217-1322

Art Galleries

Opened in November 1993 as an art gallery, the Hitching Post showcases work from many of the area artists along with a large selection of gifts and books plus cigars and tobacco. It is located on Main Street just south of Crazy Woman Square.

Paul Prosinski‚Äôs artwork features photography with subject matter such as the Big Horn Mountains, wildlife, and more. His artwork also includes watercolor and clay.

Artisan Row: The Artists of Buffalo
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Artisan Row: The Artists of Buffalo

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