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Fort Phil Kearny

Built as protection, viewed as encroachment, ended by Red Cloud’s war - learn about Fort Phil Kearny by visiting this historic site...

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Jim Gatchell Museum

When Theodore James “Jim” Gatchell opened his drugstore in downtown Buffalo in May of 1900, there was no possibility he could have known...

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Johnson County Cattle Wars

In the late 1800’s the lush grasslands of Johnson County became a battleground where cattle barons and homesteaders faced off over grazing rights in a violent competition for control of the open ranges in the Powder River Country. The cattle barons, long established throughout the vast plains, were beginning to see their engrained grasp on the lands fade away as homesteaders began settling small ranches throughout the county.

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Johnson County’s Rich History

Johnson County emerged during some one of the most wild and western days in history. From outlaw country to Indian territory, get an inside peak into the stories and even stand in the exact places where this history was made.

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