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Fall For Adventure – Day Two

Make a day of it, behind the glass. Day Two takes you to the mountain or south to Outlaw Country for fall beauty and sightseeing.

Download the complete itinerary below. Get ready for an amazing array of Johnson County’s famous fall scenery.

Hit the Highway

Crazy Woman Canyon:

Crazy Woman Canyon is often referred to as one of our most beautiful, popular drives. Offering gorgeous views and excellent fishing, hiking, bouldering and horseback riding opportunities, the road winds along Crazy Woman Creek, that carved this canyon, from the top of the face to the bottom.


With fewer travelers in the fall, you can expect a more private cruise to enjoy the splash of colors thrown across the canyon walls by aspen groves. Just 18 miles south of Buffalo. (4WD vehicle recommended)

Elgin Park:

Just 15 minutes up the mountain, Elgin Park offers a loop road (and trailhead) with expansive, open parks and gorgeous views of the peaks. Keep your eyes peeled, as you may catch a glimpse of moose grazing in the willows.

And So Much More: With (literally) hundreds of miles of windshield worthy roads and trails in the Bighorns, we can’t cover them all. Talk to the Forest Service (307-684-7806) or the Sports Lure for more advice on scenic drives up the mountain.


Head to Outlaw Country

Head south to the Outlaw Country near Kaycee, WY for red rock scenery, fishing & history like you’ve never before seen.

Outlaw Cave:

Just over 20 miles southwest of Kaycee, Outlaw Cave takes you to the land of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Hike to the cave itself, take in pictographs, scenic views & history. Fish the Middle Fork of Powder River while you’re there.



Located about 40 miles southwest of Kaycee, the “Hole” is a gap in the red rock where, legend has it, outlaws would sneak livestock or use as an escape route. From the parking area it’s about a 3 mile hike. And it’s well worth the trek. Advisable only during dry road conditions.


Unload the ATVs

Looking to put some tire tracks down in a different manner? Look no further. The Bighorns offer a plethora of atv friendly trails, dotted all over the mountain.

From Loaf Mountain Lookout, to Elgin Park, Circle Park, Hunter Mesa, Hazelton, Battle Park, West Tensleep & beyond, you won’t run out of 4 wheeling fun well into the fall season (weather depending).

Find a full list of maps and trails here: or call our local Forest Service office at 307-684-7806 for more information.

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Safety First!

Johnson County, Wyoming, and our local businesses and attractions are taking necessary safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during this unprecedented time. Before you make your plans to go to any of the locations listed on this website and in the articles, please visit their website to familiarize yourself with their guidelines. And please, wear your favorite face covering while visiting Buffalo and Kaycee, Wyoming.

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