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Hiking & Biking

Horseback Riding in Buffalo

It's been said that the best thing for the inside of a man is the outside for a horse. Here in Buffalo, Wyoming, Johnson County you can find out just how true that statement really is! Many of our popular out of town trails double as amazing horseback riding trails as well.

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Backpacking & Day Hike Regulations

Freedom and Responsibility Backpacking offers great freedom for the forest adventure. You become part of a nature and survive in an environment with few modern conveniences. With this freedom goes an individual responsibility to care for the environment and respect the rights of those you meet along the way.

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Hit the Trails in Town

Hit the Trails in Town One of our most popular trails, the Clear Creek Trail system, winds it’s way through Buffalo all the way up to Mosier Gulch through beautiful creek bottom and amazing views. This trail has plenty of benches to rest, take a deep breath and enjoy the views and you can walk for miles without leaving earshot of the babbling creek.

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Out of Town

If you’re one for exploring new country, blazing trails, or sticking to established ones, you’re in the right place. With miles upon miles of established hiking, biking and horseback riding trails available, Johnson County has no shortage of fall adventure of to be found.

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